§15-1-1. Definitions.

When used in articles one, one-a, one-b, one-c, one-d, one-f and one-g of this chapter, unless a different meaning is plainly required by the context:

(a) The term "military forces of the state" shall mean the organized militia, the state retired list, the honorary militia and the state guard, and all other components of the militia of the state which may hereafter be organized.

(b) The term "organized militia" shall mean the West Virginia National Guard, including the army National Guard, the air National Guard and the inactive National Guard, and shall be deemed to include any unit, component, element, headquarters, staff or cadre thereof, as well as any member or members.

(c) "Military personnel of the National Guard" shall mean all the members of the organized militia.

(d) "Military" shall mean army or land, air or air force, navy or naval.

(e) The term "service of the state" or "active service of the state" shall mean active military duty in other than a training status in or with a force of the organized militia or with the Adjutant General's department, upon orders of the Governor.

(f) The term "state duty" shall mean duty in a training status or other duty in the interest of the state and the organized militia.

(g) The term "service of the United States" or "active service of the United States" shall mean active military duty in the Armed Forces of the United States except active duty for training purposes.

(h) The term "officer" or "commissioned officer" shall be deemed to include warrant officers.

Bill History For §15-1-1

1982 Regular Session
Senate Bill 143
1961 Regular Session
House Bill 409
1949 Regular Session
Senate Bill 108