§15-12-10. Address and online information verification.

All registrants, including those for whom there has been no change in registration information since their initial registration or previous address verification, must report, in the month of their birth, or in the case of a sexually violent predator in the months of January, April, July and October, to the State Police detachment responsible for covering their county of registration and must respond to all verification inquiries and informational requests, including, but not limited to, requests for online information made by the State Police pursuant to this section. The State Police shall verify addresses of those persons registered as sexually violent predators every ninety days and all other registered persons once a year. As used in this section, the term "online information" shall mean all information required by subdivision (8), subsection (d), section two, article twelve, chapter fifteen of this code. The State Police may require registrants to periodically submit to new fingerprints and photographs as part of the verification process. The method of verification shall be in accordance with internal management rules pertaining thereto promulgated by the superintendent under authority of section twenty-five, article two, chapter fifteen of this code.