§15-2-2. Superintendent; departmental headquarters; continuation of the State Police.

The Department of Public Safety, heretofore established, shall be continued and hereafter shall be known as the West Virginia State Police. Wherever the words "Department of Public Safety" or "Division of Public Safety" appear in this code, they shall mean the West Virginia State Police. The Governor shall nominate and, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, appoint a superintendent to be the executive and administrative head of the department. The superintendent shall be paid an annual salary as provided in section two-a, article seven, chapter six of this code. The superintendent shall hold the rank of colonel and is entitled to all rights, benefits and privileges of regularly enlisted members. On the date of his or her appointment, the superintendent shall be at least thirty years of age. Before entering upon the discharge of the duties of his or her office, he or she shall execute a bond in the penalty of $10,000, payable to the State of West Virginia and conditioned upon the faithful performance of his or her duties. Such bond both as to form and security shall be approved as to form by the Attorney General and to sufficiency by the Governor.

Before entering upon the duties of his or her office, the superintendent shall subscribe to the oath hereinafter provided. The headquarters of the department shall be located in Kanawha County.

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