§15-2-32. Retirant not to exercise police authority; retention of group insurance.

A retirant may not exercise any of the powers conferred upon active employees by section twelve of this article; but is entitled to receive free of cost to the retirant and retain as his or her separate property one complete standard uniform prescribed by section ten of this article: Provided, That the uniform may be worn by a retirant on occasions prescribed by the superintendent. The superintendent shall maintain at public expense for the benefit of all retirants that group life insurance mentioned in section ten of this article. The superintendent, when he or she is of opinion that the public safety shall require, may recall to active duty during any period determined by the superintendent, any retiree who is retired under the provisions of section twenty-seven of this article, provided the consent of the retiree to reassume duties of active membership shall first be obtained. Any retirant who resumes status of active membership is not entitled to receive retirement pay or benefits, but in lieu thereof, is entitled to receive that rate of salary and allowance pertinent to the rank or grade previously held by the retirant. When the former retirant is released from active duty, he or she shall reassume the status of retirement and shall be entitled to receive appropriate benefits as provided by this article: Provided, That the amount of the benefits shall in no event be less than the amount determined by the order of the board previously made in his or her behalf.

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