§15-5-10. Regional organizations for emergency services.

Regional organizations for emergency services may be established in the discretion of the Governor for any combination of political subdivisions. Each such organization shall be directed by the council which shall consist of the local directors, hereinbefore provided for in section eight of this article, of emergency services of the political subdivisions included in the region for which the organization is established. The local directors of emergency services shall designate the chairman, who may be one of the local directors, a private citizen or a local official, and may appoint committees representing different groups of interested citizens to assist them in the discharge of their duties. Members of such committees shall not be entitled to compensation for their services. The regional organizations and their members shall, in accordance with the state plan and program for emergency services, engage in such activities and perform such functions and duties as will further the provision of emergency services for the region and state. The emergency service organizations shall coordinate their activities with those of the regional planning and development councils in this state, and each local political subdivision included in the region shall pay its proportionate share of the ordinary expenses of such activities.

Any such organization may, within the limits of the funds made available for the purpose by the local political subdivisions included in the region or by the state, employ necessary personnel and fix their compensation, if any. Any such regional organization may be dissolved, reorganized or rearranged by the Governor whenever in his discretion such action is necessary.

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1973 Regular Session
Senate Bill 3
1953 Regular Session
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