§15-6-4. State armory board -- Generally.

 The state armory board is continued. The board may sue and be sued, and plead and be impleaded. It is a body corporate and is an agency of the state. The exercise by the board of the powers conferred by this article in the acquisition, financing, construction, operation and maintenance of armories and armory projects is an essential governmental function. The board consists of the Governor or his or her designee, the Secretary of State and the Auditor. The Governor or his or her designee, is chairman of the board and the Secretary of State is the secretary of the board. Two members of the board is a quorum and the vote of two members is necessary for any action taken by the board.

The members and officers of the board are not entitled to compensation for their services, but each member shall be reimbursed for expenses necessarily incurred in the performance of his or her duties.

Bills Affecting §15-6-4

2018 Regular Session: HB4338