§15A-5-3. Superintendents; duties and authority; bond; residence.

(a) The commissioner shall appoint a superintendent for each institution under the control of the division. Each superintendent shall be bonded by the Board of Risk and Insurance Management.

(b) The superintendent shall be the chief executive officer of his or her assigned correctional institution and, subject to the direction of the commissioner, has the responsibility for the overall management of all operations within his or her assigned institution. The superintendent shall be in charge of its internal police and management and shall provide for feeding, clothing, working and taking care of the inmates, subject to the control of the commissioner.

(c) The superintendent shall promptly enforce all orders and rules made by the commissioner. He or she shall protect and preserve the property of the state and may for that purpose punish the inmates in the manner authorized by the commissioner. The superintendent shall have the custody and control of all the real and personal property at the correctional institution, subject to the orders of the commissioner.

(d) The commissioner may authorize the superintendent to establish an imprest fund in accordance with the provisions of §12-2-2 of this code for the sole purpose of providing employees with funds to transport inmates for any purpose as determined by the superintendent, and any of the fund that currently exists is hereby continued. The employee is required to complete a travel reimbursement form for the travel within five days of returning to the correctional facility. The funds shall be used to reimburse the imprest fund for the amount expended by the employee.

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