§16-13A-9a. Limitations with respect to foreclosure.

No public service district shall foreclose upon the premises served by such district for delinquent fees, rates or charges for which a lien is authorized by sections nine or nineteen of this article except through the bringing and maintenance of a civil action for such purpose brought in the circuit court of the county wherein the district lies. In every such action, the court shall be required to make a finding based upon the evidence and facts presented that the district prior to the bringing of such action had exhausted all other remedies for the collection of debts with respect to such delinquencies. In no event shall foreclosure procedures be instituted by any such district or on its behalf unless such delinquency had been in existence or continued for a period of two years from the date of the first such delinquency for which foreclosure is being sought.

Bill History For §16-13A-9A

1982 Regular Session
House Bill 1997