§16-2-10. Local board of health; meetings; attendance; bylaws; quorum; chairperson selection, powers and duties.

(a) A local board of health shall meet as often as necessary to orderly and efficiently execute its duties and exercise its powers but, no fewer than six times per year. Members of a local board of health shall attend board meetings in compliance with attendance policies established by its bylaws or rules.

(b) A local board of health shall adopt and may amend bylaws or rules governing the time and place of its regular meetings, procedures, and method of conducting its meetings. A quorum of the board for transacting business is a simple majority of the constituent membership of the board.

(c) A local board of health, pursuant to its bylaws, shall elect from its members a chairperson. The chairperson shall serve for a term of one year and may be reelected for additional terms. The chairperson may, on behalf of the board, sign documents, execute contracts, and otherwise act for and in the name of the board in all matters within its lawful powers and as duly authorized by a majority of the board members.