§16-2-13. Local health officer; powers and duties.

(a) A local health officer serves as the executive officer of the local board and under its supervision, a local health officer shall administer the provisions of this article, all other laws of this state and the rules and orders of the secretary of the department relating to public health and applicable to the local board's service area, any county commission orders and municipal ordinances of the board's service area relating to public health and the rules and orders of the local board.

(b) A local health officer has the following additional powers and duties which may be delegated with the approval of the board:

(1) To attend local board meetings as a nonvoting member. A local health officer serves as secretary at all board meetings and is responsible for maintaining the board's offices, meeting minutes and records;

(2) To supervise and direct the activities of the local board's health services, employees and facilities;

(3) To ensure that procedures are established for the receipt of communicable or reportable disease reports from local physicians and other reporting sources and for the transmittal of the reports to the commissioner;

(4) To perform mandatory HIV tests on persons convicted of sex-related offenses and resident within the service area; and

(5) To determine when sufficient corrections have been made to warrant removal of any restrictions or limitations placed on an individual or entity for public health purposes by an employee of the local board of health.