§16-2D-9. Health services that cannot be developed.

Notwithstanding §16-2D-8 and §16-2D-11 of this code, these health services require a certificate of need but the authority may not issue a certificate of need to:

(1) A health care facility adding intermediate care or skilled nursing beds to its current licensed bed complement, except as provided in §16-2D-11(c)(23) of this code;

(2) A person developing, constructing, or replacing a skilled nursing facility except in the case of facilities designed to replace existing beds in existing facilities that may soon be deemed unsafe or facilities utilizing existing licensed beds from existing facilities which are designed to meet the changing health care delivery system; and

(3) Add beds in an intermediate care facility for individuals with an intellectual disability, except that prohibition does not apply to an intermediate care facility for individuals with intellectual disabilities beds approved under the Kanawha County circuit court order of August 3, 1989, civil action number MISC-81-585 issued in the case of E.H. v. Matin, 168 W.V. 248, 284 S.E. 2d 232 (1981) including the 24 beds provided in §16-2D-8(b)(24) of this code; and

(4) An opioid treatment program.

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