§16-4A-3. Identification of specimen; report.

Any physician who takes or causes to be taken from a woman in pregnancy or suspected pregnancy a blood test for syphilis shall identify such specimen as being from a pregnant woman, and the laboratory shall provide a report in triplicate on forms prepared and furnished by the state department of health showing the results of such tests. The original of each such report shall be sent at once to the physician submitting the specimen, a duplicate shall be forwarded to the state department of health during the week that the test was performed, and the triplicate shall be retained by the laboratory for its files. All laboratory reports shall be confidential and shall not be open to public inspection. The laboratory test for syphilis in compliance with this article shall be performed free of charge by the state hygienic laboratory on the application of any municipal or county health officer or other physician, or any other person permitted by law to secure such specimens.