§16A-3-4.  Confidentiality.

(a)  Patient information. — The bureau shall maintain a confidential list of patients and caregivers to whom it has issued identification cards. All information obtained by the bureau relating to patients, caregivers and other applicants shall be confidential and not subject to public disclosure under chapter twenty-nine-b of this code, including specifically the following:

(1)  Individual identifying information about patients and caregivers.

(2)  Certifications issued by practitioners.

(3)  Information on identification cards.

(4)  Information provided by the West Virginia State Police under section two, article five of this chapter.

(5)  Information relating to the patient’s serious medical condition.

(b)  Public information. — The following records are public records and shall be subject to the Freedom of Information Act, under chapter twenty-nine-b of this code:

(1)  Applications for permits submitted by medical cannabis organizations.

(2)  The names, business addresses and medical credentials of practitioners authorized to provide certifications to patients to enable them to obtain and use medical cannabis in this state. All other practitioner registration information shall be confidential and exempt from public disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act.

(3)  Information relating to penalties or other disciplinary actions taken against a medical cannabis organization or practitioner by the bureau for violation of this act.

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