§16A-6-12.  Convictions prohibited.

(a) The following individuals may not hold volunteer positions or positions with remuneration in or be affiliated with a medical cannabis organization, including a clinical registrant under article fourteen of this chapter, in any way if the individual has been convicted of any felony criminal offense related to the sale or possession of illegal drugs, narcotics or controlled substances, or conspiracy thereof:

(1)  Financial backers.

(2)  Principals.

(3)  Employees.

(b) If an individual seeking to hold a volunteer position or position with remuneration in or be affiliated with a dispensary is otherwise prohibited under subsection (a) of this section, such individual may seek a waiver from the bureau in order to hold such a position with a dispensary.  The allowance of the waiver, including any additional restrictions or conditions as part of the waiver, shall be in the discretion of the bureau.

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