§17-15-5. Guards for county prisoners; monthly statement as to prisoners.

The sheriff, with the approval of the county court, may employ a sufficient number of persons to guard the prisoners, not in excess of one for each ten prisoners, or a lesser number in one group, and with said approval shall fix the wages of such guards, and shall have the control and authority over them. The wages of such guards shall be reasonable and shall be paid by the county court out of the county treasury.

The keeper of the jail shall file with the clerk of the county court a monthly statement showing the number of prisoners sentenced to work under this article, the number of prisoners who may volunteer and be allowed by the sheriff to work hereunder, and the number of days' work each prisoner has performed, and the allowance to the sheriff for their keep, food, maintenance and supplies, in accordance with the provisions of section twelve, article seven, chapter seven of the Code of West Virginia.

Bill History For §17-15-5

1943 Regular Session
Senate Bill 161