§17-16-2. Duty of landowner, occupant and public utility to remove obstructions and fill excavations.

It shall be the duty of the owner or occupant of land situated along any state or county-district road to remove all obstructions within the bounds of the road which have been placed there by himself or with his consent.

It shall be the duty of all telephone, telegraph, electric railway or other electrical companies to remove and reset telephone, telegraph, trolley and other poles and the wire connected therewith when the same constitute obstructions to the use of a state or county-district road by the traveling public.

It shall be the duty of all pipeline companies whose lines have been laid across or along any state or county-district road in this state for the purpose of transporting natural gas, oils, water, or any other substance, to fill up all excavations made thereby and to make the road in all respects as good as it was before the excavation was made, and to keep the same in like good condition, and, when any such line has been laid along any such road on the right-of-way thereof and constitutes an obstruction to the traveling public, to relay or remove the same.