§17-16A-27. Exit awareness signs.

Consistent with applicable federal laws, rules and regulations, the parkways authority shall develop and prepare a uniform roadway sign identifying the availability of restaurants, gas stations, hotel accommodations and emergency services available off each exit of the West Virginia Turnpike. At every tourism project maintained or operated by the parkways authority and which is constructed after the effective date of this legislation, and, to the extent permitted under the terms of the applicable lease, at every currently existing service station, gas station, hotel or restaurant, garage or store maintained, operated or leased by the parkways authority, the parkways authority shall at no charge or cost permit the placement of, in a conspicuous place, all reasonably sized advertising literature prepared and delivered by hotels, restaurants and other tourist attractions, whether public or private, located within the State of West Virginia.

Bill History For §17-16A-27

1989 Regular Session
House Bill 2327