§17-17A-1. Purpose and scope.

This article is intended to facilitate the acquisition of right-of-way for, the construction of, the reconstruction of and the improvement or repair of any interstate or other highway, secondary road, bridge and toll road to be funded wholly or in part by amounts to be made available pursuant to the Federal Surface Transportation Assistance Act of one thousand nine hundred eighty-two, or from amounts to be made available pursuant to any other federal legislation, or from amounts specifically appropriated or dedicated therefor by the state, or from amounts which may be properly expended from the State Road Fund under article three, chapter seventeen of this code. This article authorizes notes, in an aggregate amount of outstanding notes not to exceed $500 million, to be issued to provide financing for such projects in anticipation of reimbursement from such sources, but such notes will be special obligations of the state only, and will not be general obligations of the state or secured by any claim on the general credit or taxing powers of the state.

Bill History For §17-17A-1

1985 Regular Session
House Bill 1508
1983 Regular Session
Senate Bill 630