§17-28-2. Legislative findings.

The Legislature finds as follows:

(1) That a broad and unified system should be continued and persistently upgraded by state law for financing, planning, designing, constructing, expanding, improving, maintaining and operating the public road system and transportation facilities that together comprise the transportation infrastructure of this state;

(2) That, in addition to traditional means and methods of putting transportation infrastructure into place, a significant contribution to a system as described in subdivision one of this section can be made by public-private partnerships that will assist federal, state and local governments in their efforts to meet the evolving needs of governmental entities, industry, labor, commerce, and, most importantly, the citizens of this state;

(3) That available public funding necessary to provide for an adequate or more than adequate transportation infrastructure have not kept pace with the needs of the governmental entities that are charged with financing, developing and maintaining an optimal transportation infrastructure in this state;

(4) That investment in transportation infrastructure by private entities should be facilitated, and innovative financing mechanisms should be encouraged and developed, so as to utilize private capital and other funding sources to supplement governmental actions taken in support of transportation projects, to the end that the financial and technical expertise and other experience of private entities regarding the development of transportation facilities may be garnered and put into service on behalf of the state;

(5) That public and private entities should have a clear and well-designed statutory framework to work within that allows for flexibility in partnering with each other and developing transportation infrastructure projects; and

(6) This article should not be limited by any rule of strict construction, but should be liberally construed to effect the legislative purpose of conceiving and creating a modern transportation infrastructure under the leadership and guidance of governmental entities, with corresponding and cooperative assistance, under appropriate circumstances, by public-private partnerships, inuring to the benefit and prosperity of the state and the welfare of its citizens.

Bills Affecting §17-28-2

2010 Regular Session: HB4200
2010 Regular Session: SB352
2010 Regular Session: SB352