§17-2A-12. Traffic control factors; parking regulations.

In the interest of safety and the convenience, coordination and control of pedestrian and vehicular traffic, the commission may from time to time cause surveys and findings to be made as to the necessity and propriety of setback lines, traffic islands, curb separations, entrance approaches, sidewalks and other traffic control factors. The commission may, pursuant to such surveys and findings, promulgate and enforce reasonable rules and regulations relating to and controlling the location, construction and maintenance of all such traffic control factors, but shall not in any case unduly interfere with any abutting property owner's entrance or access rights or approaches to any road or highway unless with the consent and voluntary action of such abutting property owner or through appropriate proceedings in court in the exercise of the right of eminent domain for determination of the lawful rights of the respective parties and the damages, if any, to be assessed. The limitations of this section on the commission's authority to regulate entrance and access to roads and highways shall not apply to freeways as defined in section thirty-nine of article four of this chapter.

The commission may regulate and, when the safety and convenience of the traveling public so require, may prohibit parking of vehicles on and along roads and highways and the rights-of-way thereof.

Bill History For §17-2A-12

1957 Regular Session
Senate Bill 4