§17-2C-2. Development of program; acquisition of rights-of-way.

The West Virginia Division of Highways shall develop an orphan roads and bridges identification, acquisition and maintenance program which shall include all counties. At the discretion of the commissioner of the Division of Highways, existing and temporary employees of the division shall be assigned to locate and designate each orphan road and bridge in each county. These employees shall give to the commissioner of highways, in a form proscribed by him or her, a detailed report on acquisition, status of rights-of-way, and needed maintenance for orphan roads and bridges in each county or highway district. Specific contents of each report shall be designated by the commissioner.

In order for a road or bridge to qualify for inclusion into the state system, all necessary rights-of-way shall be either dedicated or donated to the Division of Highways.

In the event that all property owners do not agree to dedicate or donate the necessary rights-of-way, then any individual, group, business or governmental entity can donate to the state road fund a sum sufficient to cover the expense of acquiring the right-of-way that has not been dedicated or donated. The commissioner may also use any moneys donated to the state road fund specifically for the purposes of acquiring a right-of-way which has not been dedicated or donated.