§17-2D-3. Invitation for bids.

(a) The division shall prepare an invitation for bids for prequalified design-builders, which must provide at a minimum:

(1) The procedures to be followed for submitting bids and the procedures for making awards;

(2) The proposed general terms and conditions for the design-build contract;

(3) The description of the drawings, specifications or other information to be submitted with the bid, with guidance as to the form and level of completeness of the drawings, specifications or submittals that will be acceptable;

(4) A proposed time schedule commencement and completion of the design-build contract;

(5) Budget limits for the design-build contract, if any;

(6) Requirements or restrictions for the subletting of specific portions of the design-build contract, if any; and

(7) Requirements for performance bonds, payment bonds, insurance, professional liability insurance and workers' compensation coverage.

(b) The division shall make available to the qualified design-builders, a list of prequalified consultants, approved subcontractors, suppliers and sureties, as applicable, additional information including, but not limited to, surveys, soils reports, drawings or information regarding existing structures, environmental studies, photographs or references to public records, or other pertinent information.

(c) The division shall set forth its needs with sufficient clarity to assure that there is a comprehensive understanding of the project's scope and requirement.