§17A-6-10a. Special plates for manufacturers and transporters; fee.

(1) The initial application fee for a license certificate to engage in the business of a manufacturer or transporter shall be $250: Provided, That if an application for a license certificate is denied or refused in accordance with section six of this article, $125 shall be refunded to the applicant. The initial application shall entitle the licensee to manufacturer or transporter plates as prescribed in subsection five of this section.

(2) Notwithstanding any of the other provisions of this article, a manufacturer or transporter may operate or move a vehicle upon the highways of this state solely for purposes of transporting and/or testing the same without first registering each such vehicle upon condition that any such vehicle display thereon, in a manner prescribed by the commissioner, a special plate or plates issued to such manufacturer or transporter as provided in this section.

(3) Any manufacturer or transporter may make application to the commissioner upon a form prescribed by him for a certificate containing a general distinguishing number and for a special plate or plates. The applicant shall also submit proof of his status as a bona fide manufacturer or transporter as may be required by the commissioner.

(4) The commissioner, upon approving any such application, shall issue to the applicant a certificate containing the applicant's name and address and the general distinguishing number assigned to the applicant. The commissioner shall also issue a special plate, or special plates, as applied for, which shall have displayed thereon the general distinguishing number assigned to the applicant. Each plate shall also contain a number or symbol identifying the same from every other plate or plates bearing the same general distinguishing number.

(5) The annual renewal fee for a license certificate for a manufacturer or transporter and one special plate shall be $100. Additional special plates shall be $25 each.

(6) Every manufacturer or transporter shall keep a written record of the vehicle upon which such special plates are used, the time during which each is used on a particular vehicle, and the location to which the vehicle was delivered, which record shall be open to inspection by any police officer or employee of the department.

(7) The provisions of this section shall not apply to work or service vehicles owned by a manufacturer or transporter.

(8) Said manufacturer or transporter shall be required to furnish a certificate of insurance in amounts which shall be no less than the requirements of section two, article four, chapter seventeen-d of this code.

Bill History For §17A-6-10A

1987 Regular Session
Senate Bill 735
1971 Regular Session
House Bill 1197