§17A-6-17. Sales instrument; full disclosure required.

Every vehicle sale at retail shall be evidenced by a sales instrument in writing which shall contain all of the agreements between the buyer and the seller, which shall be signed by the buyer and seller or a representative of either party, and a copy of which shall be delivered to the buyer before such sale becomes final. Such instrument shall contain the following information, so far as applicable:

(1) Name of the seller;

(2) Name of the buyer;

(3) Make, year and model of the vehicle;

(4) Cash sale price;

(5) Cash paid down by the buyer;

(6) Amount credited to buyer for any trade-in;

(7) Provisions as to whether the seller or buyer is to pay off the indebtedness, if any, on the trade-in;

(8) Description of the trade-in;

(9) Amount of the time differential charge (if not a cash sale so far as the dealer is concerned);

(10) Amount charged by seller for insurance and the type of coverage afforded; if any insurance does not include coverage for bodily injury and/or property damage caused to others, the sales instrument shall expressly so state; and

(11) Net balance due from buyer and the terms of payment (if not a cash sale so far as the dealer is concerned). A copy of such sales instrument shall be kept and maintained among the records of the seller as provided in section sixteen of this article.

Bill History For §17A-6-17

1967 Regular Session
Senate Bill 60