§17B-2-8. Issuance and contents of licenses; fees.

(a) The division shall, upon payment of the required fee, issue to every applicant qualifying therefor a driver’s license, which shall indicate the type or general class or classes of vehicle or vehicles the licensee may operate in accordance with this chapter or Chapter 17E of this code, or motorcycle-only license. Each license shall contain a coded number assigned to the licensee, the full legal name, to be displayed in a manner selected by the applicant when supported by appropriate documentation and consistent with federal law, this code, and existing system capabilities of the division, date of birth, residence address, a brief description and a color photograph of the licensee, and either a facsimile of the signature of the licensee or a space upon which the signature of the licensee is written with pen and ink immediately upon receipt of the license. No license is valid until it has been so signed by the licensee.

(b) A driver’s license which is valid for operation of a motorcycle shall contain a motorcycle endorsement. A driver’s license which is valid for the operation of a commercial motor vehicle shall be issued in accordance with Chapter 17E of this code.

(c) The division shall use such process or processes in the issuance of licenses that will, insofar as possible, prevent any identity theft, alteration, counterfeiting, duplication, reproduction, forging or modification of, or the superimposition of a photograph on, the license.

(d) The fee for the issuance of a Class E driver’s license is $5 per year for each year the license is valid. The Division of Motor Vehicles may adjust this fee every five years on September 1, based on the U. S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics most current Consumer Price Index: Provided, That an increase in such fee may not exceed 10 percent of the total fee amount in a single year. The fee for issuance of a Class D driver’s license is $6.25 per year for each year the license is valid. The additional fee for adding a motorcycle endorsement to a driver’s license is $1 per year for each year the license is issued.

(e) The fee for issuance of a motorcycle-only license is $2.50 for each year for which the motorcycle license is valid. The fees for the motorcycle endorsement or motorcycle-only license shall be paid into a special fund in the State Treasury known as the Motorcycle Safety Fund as established in §17B-1D-7 of this code.

(f) The fee for the issuance of either the level one or level two graduated driver’s license as prescribed in §17B-2-3a of this code is $5.

(g) The fee for issuance of a federally compliant driver’s license or identification card for federal use is $10 in addition to any other fee required by this chapter. Any fees collected under the provisions of this subsection shall be deposited into the Motor Vehicle Fees Fund established in accordance with §17A-2-21 of this code.

(h) The division may use an address on the face of the license other than the applicant’s address of residence if:

(1) The applicant has a physical address or location that is not recognized by the post office for the purpose of receiving mail;

(2) The applicant is enrolled in a state address confidentiality program or the alcohol test and lock program;

(3) The applicant’s address is entitled to be suppressed under a state or federal law or suppressed by a court order; or

(4) At the discretion of the commissioner, the applicant’s address may be suppressed to provide security for classes of applicants such as law-enforcement officials, protected witnesses, and members of the state and federal judicial systems.

(i) Notwithstanding any provision in this article to the contrary, a valid military identification card with an expiration date issued by the United States Department of Defense for active duty, reserve, or retired military personnel containing a digitized photo and the holder’s full legal name may be used to establish current full legal name and legal presence. The commissioner may at his or her discretion expand the use of military identification cards for other uses as permitted under this code or federal rule.

(j) The division may accept any document as proof of identity, residency, and lawful presence that is acceptable under the Real ID Act of 2005, Pub. L. No. 109-13, 119 Stat. 302 (May 11, 2005), 49 U.S.C. § 30301 et seq.

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