§18-17-1. Continuation; management; minimum salary scale for all employees.

The West Virginia schools for deaf pupils and blind pupils heretofore established and located at Romney, in Hampshire County, shall be continued and shall be known as the "West Virginia schools for the deaf and the blind." The schools shall be maintained for the care and education of the deaf youth and blind youth of the state. The educational or business affairs of the schools shall be under the control, supervision and management of the state Board of Education, and the state board shall employ the superintendent, principals, teachers and other employees and shall fix the yearly or monthly salary to be paid to each person so employed.

The minimum salary scale for said principals, teachers and other employees shall be the same as set forth in sections two, three and eight-a, article four, chapter eighteen-a of this code.

Bill History For §18-17-1

1971 Regular Session
Senate Bill 148
1969 Regular Session
House Bill 783
1957 Regular Session
House Bill 339