§18-20-7. Exceptional children program compliance review teams.

The state board shall establish exceptional children program compliance review teams to conduct random unannounced on-site reviews of such programs at least every four years in each county for the purpose of reviewing identification procedures, complying with any or all applicable laws and policies, delivering services, verifying enrollment and attendance reports, recommending changes, and fulfilling such other duties as may be established by the state board.

Each review team unit shall consist of five members including one member of an exceptional children advocacy group who is not an employee of any county or state government agency, one teacher of exceptional children in the specific category or categories to be reviewed, one person certified to interpret psycho-educational assessments, one school finance official and one financial Auditor who shall not be an employee of any county board, all appointed by the state superintendent.

Bill History For §18-20-7

1988 Third Special Session
Senate Bill 14