§18-30A-5. West Virginia Jumpstart Savings Board; members; terms; compensation; proceedings generally.

(a) The West Virginia Jumpstart Savings Program shall be administered by the West Virginia Jumpstart Savings Board.

(b) The board consists of seven members and includes the following:

(1) The State Treasurer;

(2) The State Superintendent of Schools, or his or her designee;

(3) The Chancellor of the West Virginia Community and Technical College System, or his or her designee;

(4) Four members, appointed by the Governor, with knowledge, skill, and experience in trade occupations or businesses, to be appointed as follows:

(A) A member representing a labor organization that represents tradespersons in this state;

(B) A member representing a business or entity offering apprenticeships in this state; and

(C) Two private citizens not employed by, or an officer of, the state or any political subdivision of the state.

(c) The members designated in this section to be appointed by the Governor are so appointed with the advice and consent of the Senate.

(d) Only state residents are eligible for appointment to the board.

(e) Members appointed by the Governor serve a term of five years and are eligible for reappointment at the expiration of their terms. If there is a vacancy among appointed members, the Governor shall appoint a person meeting the requirements of this section to fill the unexpired term. Members of the board serve until the later of the expiration of the term for which the member was appointed or the appointment of a successor.

(f) Members of the board serve without compensation. The Treasurer may pay all reasonable expenses, including travel expenses, actually incurred by board members in the conduct of their official duties. Expense payments are made from the Jumpstart Savings Expense Account and are made at the same rates and in the same manner as travel reimbursements are paid to state employees.

(g) The Treasurer is the chairman and presiding officer of the board and shall appoint the employees the board considers advisable or necessary.

(h) The board shall adopt bylaws and rules of procedure at its first official meeting. A majority of the members of the board constitutes a quorum for the transaction of the business of the board.

§18-30A-5. West Virginia Jumpstart Savings Board; members; terms; compensation; proceedings generally.

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