§18-5E-4. Innovation in Education Plan; required contents; measurable annual performance goals; uses.

The Innovation in Education Plan for a STEM, community school partnership, entrepreneurship, career pathways or the arts Innovation in Education school shall include each of the following:

(1) A description of how the school will address the overall climate and culture of the school as a high performing learning environment in which every child may succeed to the best of his or her ability, including but not limited to measurable annual goals to:

(A) Increase overall student achievement;

(B) Address dropout prevention; and

(C) Transform school culture;

(2) A curriculum plan that includes a detailed description of the curriculum and related programs for the proposed school and how the curriculum is expected to improve school performance and student achievement;

(3) Measurable annual performance goals to assess the school’s performance and student success across multiple measures and that will serve as the basis evaluating the Innovation in Education school, including but not limited to, goals relating to the following:

(A) Student attendance;

(B) Student safety and discipline;

(C) Student promotion and graduation and dropout rates;

(D) Student performance on the state-wide summative assessment and other assessment required by the state board;

(E) Progress in areas of academic underperformance;

(F) Progress among subgroups of students, including, but not limited to, low-income students and students receiving special education;

(G) With respect to high school, postsecondary readiness, including the percentage of graduates submitting applications to postsecondary institutions, and postsecondary enrollment or employment; and

(H) Parent and community engagement; and

(4) A budget plan that includes a detailed description of how funds will be used in the proposed school to support school performance and student achievement that is or may be different than how funds are used in other public schools in the district;

(5) A school schedule plan that includes a detailed description of the ways the program or calendar of the proposed school may be enhanced or expanded;

(6) A staffing plan and professional development plan that includes a detailed description of how the school may provide professional development to its administrators, teachers and other staff;

(7) A policies and procedures plan that includes:

(A) A detailed description of the unique operational policies and procedures to be used by the school seeking designation and how the procedures will support school performance and student achievement; and

(B) Any exemptions to rule, policy or statute the school is seeking: Provided, That a school may not request an exemption nor may an exemption be granted from any assessment program required by the state board or any provision of law or policy required by the Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015 or other federal law;

(8) The school’s plan, if any, for using additional internal and external metrics of the performance agreed to by the school and the county board to measure the school’s performance and student success;

(9) Opportunities and expectations for parent involvement; and

(8) Any other information the state board requires.

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