§18-7A-15. Collection of membership contributions.

Each employer shall each month deduct six percent from the salary of each employee who is a member of the retirement system, in an amount not to exceed the amount named in section fourteen of this article, and shall at the end of each month remit to the retirement board the amounts so deducted, and shall transmit therewith a list of all new members employed and the name and number of members transferring from another county. At such times as the retirement board may deem advisable each employer shall report to the retirement board the total amount so deducted from the salary of each employee. The monthly payments which members would receive from employers as compensation for service in the absence of this article shall be decreased by the amount of the contribution due hereunder.

Each employer shall be held accountable for the sum composing the contributions made by its member employees. Whenever any county board of education shall fail to make timely remittance of the member contributions deducted as provided in this section, the board of school finance shall, upon request of the retirement board, deduct from the next allotment of state aid for schools made to such county board, and shall transfer to the retirement board, the amount so in default.

Bill History For §18-7A-15

1953 Regular Session
House Bill 273
1945 Regular Session
Senate Bill 142
1941 Regular Session
House Bill 272