§18-9A-1. Legislative findings; public school support plan.

The Legislature finds and declares that the future of education in this state is dependent upon a plan of financial support for the public schools which provides for a fair and adequate pay scale for teachers sufficient to ensure teacher excellence, as well as adequate financial support for the public schools generally; upon an economic base which ensures levels of revenue sufficient to fund the public schools; and upon independent professional management of public funds in order to assure a climate of financial stability and responsibility in which construction and maintenance of school facilities becomes possible.

The plan of support for the public schools, which will be known as the West Virginia public school support plan, will fix statutorily both state and county responsibility for the financing of the same. In enacting this plan, the Legislature has in mind the following purpose: To effect a basic foundation support plan that shall provide for program growth which will assure more equitable educational opportunity for all children and youth irrespective of where they may live.

§18-9A-1. Legislative findings; public school support plan.

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