§18A-4-5a. County salary supplements for teachers.

(a) County boards of education in fixing the salaries of teachers shall use at least the state minimum salaries established under the provisions of this article. The board may establish salary schedules which shall be in excess of the state minimums fixed by this article, such county schedules to be uniform throughout the county as to the classification of training, experience, responsibility and other requirements subject to the following:

(1) Counties may fix higher salaries for teachers placed in special instructional assignments, for those assigned to or employed for duties other than regular instructional duties, and for teachers of one-teacher schools;

(2) Counties may provide additional compensation for any teacher assigned duties in addition to the teacher’s regular instructional duties wherein such noninstructional duties are not a part of the scheduled hours of the regular school day;

(3) Counties may provide additional compensation for teachers who are assigned and fully certified to teach in a subject area in which the county board finds it has a critical need and shortage of fully certified teachers;

(4) Counties may provide additional compensation or other financial assistance to teachers who teach in schools that are in remote geographical locations or have experienced high rates of turnover in experienced teachers; and

(5) Counties may provide additional compensation to teachers who, in addition to regularly assigned teaching duties, are assigned as a master teacher, mentor, academic coach, or other title whose duties include providing strong school-based support and supervision to assist licensure candidates in a clinical internship, beginning teachers, and other teachers at the school to improve their professional practice as set forth in the county’s comprehensive system of support for teacher and leader induction and professional growth provided for in section §18A-3C-3 of this code.

(b) In establishing such local salary schedules authorized in subsection (a) of this section, a county may not reduce local funds allocated for salaries in effect on January 1, 1990, and used in supplementing the state minimum salaries as provided for in this article, unless forced to do so by defeat of a special levy, or a loss in assessed values or events over which it has no control and for which the county board has received approval from the state board prior to making such reduction.

(c) Counties may provide, in a uniform manner, benefits for teachers which require an appropriation from local funds including, but not limited to, dental, optical, health and income protection insurance, vacation time and retirement plans excluding the State Teachers Retirement System. Nothing herein shall prohibit the maintenance nor result in the reduction of any benefits in effect on January 1, 1984, by any county board of education.

Bill History For §18A-4-5A

1990 First Special Session
House Bill 101
1990 Third Special Session
Senate Bill 8
1989 Regular Session
House Bill 2326
1984 Regular Session
Senate Bill 131