§18B-16-5. Powers and duties of the vice chancellor.

In addition to all other duties assigned to the vice chancellor by the Higher Education Policy Commission, the vice chancellor shall:

(a) Provide assistance to communities in planning an educational and clinical component for the primary health care education sites;

(b) Coordinate and approve the provision of faculty members, students, interns and residents at the education sites;

(c) Report directly to the Higher Education Policy Commission regarding the rural health initiative;

(d) Oversee the administration of the Kellogg foundation grant;

(e) Coordinate the rural health initiative with the allied health care education programs within the state college and community college systems;

(f) Prepare the budget for the rural health initiative and submit the budget to the Higher Education Policy Commission for their approval;

(g) Distribute the funds which were appropriated to the Higher Education Policy Commission for the rural health initiative;

(h) Mediate any disputes between the institutions of higher education regarding the rural health initiative;

(i) Consult with the Council for Community and Technical College Education established under §18B-2B-3 of this code on the coordination of the education of student practical nurses with the rural health initiative; and

(j) Perform such other duties as may be prescribed by this article or as may be necessary to effectuate the provisions of this article.

Bill History For §18B-16-5

1991 Second Special Session
House Bill 213