§18B-16-8. Allocation of appropriations.

(a) The primary health care education sites established under this article shall be supported financially in part from line item appropriations to the university of West Virginia health sciences account. Funds shall be distributed to the state’s schools of medicine upon consideration of the recommendations of the vice chancellor. Appropriations to the university of West Virginia health sciences account to support the rural health initiative shall be by line item, with at least one line item designated for primary health education program support at the schools of medicine and at least one line item designated for rural health initiative site support.

 (b) The vice chancellor shall require each school of medicine to submit a detailed proposal which shall state, with specificity, how each school of medicine will be working to further the goals and meet the criteria set forth in this article and the amount of appropriation which would be needed by each school to implement the proposal.

The vice chancellor shall, giving consideration to the proposals, prepare a comprehensive plan to be presented to the board of trustees, which plan shall include a recommendation for allocations of moneys appropriated for program support and a recommendation for the allocation of moneys designated for support of the primary health care education sites commensurate with each school’s level of participation in such sites.

(c) Notwithstanding the provisions of §12-3-12 of this code, any funds appropriated to the Higher Education Policy Commission in accordance with the provisions of this section that remain unallocated or unexpended at the end of any fiscal year shall not expire, shall remain in the line item to which they were originally appropriated and shall be available in the next fiscal year to the board of trustees or a school of medicine for allocation or expenditure for the purposes of this article.

(d) Additional financial support shall come from fees generated by services, from grants and contracts, and from community resources. Any fees so generated shall be paid to and expended by the facility established as a primary health care education site unless an alternative fee arrangement is mutually agreed upon by the chief administrator of the site and the vice chancellor for health sciences.

Bill History For §18B-16-8

1991 Second Special Session
House Bill 213