§18B-1B-3. Meetings and compensation.

(a) The commission shall meet as needed at the time and place specified by the call of the chairperson.

(b) The commission shall hold an annual meeting at the final, regularly scheduled meeting of each fiscal year for the purpose of electing officers. At the annual meeting, the commission shall elect from its members appointed by the Governor a chairperson and other officers as it may consider necessary or desirable. All officers are elected from the citizen appointees. The chairperson and other officers are elected for a one-year term commencing on July 1, following the annual meeting and ending on June 30 of the following year. The chairperson of the commission may serve no more than four consecutive terms as chair.

(c) Members of the commission shall be reimbursed for actual and necessary expenses incident to the performance of their duties upon presentation of an itemized sworn statement thereof. The foregoing reimbursement for actual and necessary expenses shall be paid from appropriations made by the Legislature to the commission.

(d) A majority of the members constitutes a quorum for conducting the business of the commission.