§18B-4-1. Employment of chancellors; designation of staff; offices.

(a) The council and commission each shall employ a chancellor to assist in the performance of their respective duties and responsibilities subject to the following conditions:

(1) Each chancellor serves at the will and pleasure of the hiring body.

(2) Neither chancellor may hold or retain any other administrative position within the system of higher education while employed as chancellor.

(3) Each chancellor shall carry out the directives of the body by whom employed and shall collaborate with that body in developing policy options.

(4) The commission is responsible to the council and the Chancellor for Community and Technical College Education for providing services in areas essential to exercising the powers and duties assigned to the council by law. The commission may not charge the council any fee for the provision of these essential services. The service areas include, but are not limited to, legal services, research, technology, computing, finance and facilities, academic affairs, telecommunications, human resources, student services and any other general areas the council considers to be essential to the exercise of its legal authority. The services are provided under the general supervision of the Vice Chancellor for Administration.

(5) For the purpose of developing or evaluating policy options, the chancellors may request the assistance of the presidents and staff employed by the governing boards under their respective jurisdictions.

(b) In addition to the staff positions designated in subdivision (4), subsection (a) of this section, and section five, article one-b of this chapter, the Vice Chancellor for Administration, employed pursuant to section two of this article, serves the offices of the chancellors to discharge jointly the duties and responsibilities of the council and commission.

(c) Suitable offices for the Vice Chancellor of Administration and other staff shall be provided in Kanawha County.