§18C-5-4. Powers and duties of Vice Chancellor for Administration.

Subject to the provisions of this article and within the limits of appropriations made by the Legislature, the vice chancellor may:

(1) Prepare and supervise the issuance of public information concerning the grant program;

(2) Prescribe the form and regulate the submission of applications for grants;

(3) Select qualified recipients of grants;

(4) Award grants;

(5) Accept grants, gifts, bequests and devises of real and personal property for the purposes of the grant program;

(6) Administer federal and state financial loan programs;

(7) Cooperate with approved institutions of higher education in the state and their governing boards in the administration of the grant program;

(8) Make the final decision pertaining to residency of an applicant for grant or renewal of grant;

(9) Employ, fix the duties of and compensate such employees as may be necessary to assist the vice chancellor in the performance of his or her duties; and

(10) Administer the higher education adult part-time student grant program established in section seven of this article.