§18C-6-4. Scholarship agreement.

(a) Each recipient of a West Virginia engineering, science and technology scholarship shall enter into an agreement with the senior administrator under which the recipient shall:

(1) Provide the governing boards with evidence of compliance with subsection (a), section five of this article;

(2) Agree that within one year following the date the recipient ceases to be a full-time student at an eligible institution in a program of engineering, science or technology education for which the scholarship was awarded he or she will:

(A) Begin working full-time in an engineering, science or technology-related field in this state for a duration of not less than one year for each year the scholarship was received; or

(B) Begin repayment of all or part of the West Virginia engineering, science and technology scholarship received under this article plus interest and, if applicable, reasonable collection fees, in accordance with subsection (b), section five-b of this article, except as provided in subsections (c) and (d), section five of this article.

(b) A scholarship agreement shall disclose fully the terms and conditions of this article under which the scholarship is provided and under which repayment of the scholarship may be required.