§19-1-9. Agriculture advisory board.

There shall be a state agriculture advisory board to consist of the Governor, the commissioner of agriculture and the director of the cooperative extension service of West Virginia University, ex officio. It shall be the duty of the members of such board to meet together at the seat of government at least four times each year at regular intervals to consider the conditions and needs of the agricultural interests of the state, and how and in what manner the functions, powers and duties assigned by law to each Department of Agriculture may be most efficiently and economically administered for the benefit of the state so that there may be neither overlapping, duplication nor interference of, by or with the work of the one department with that of the other, and that the department best calculated to exercise and discharge certain powers, duties or functions be thereunto appointed and authorized, and that the other department shall desist from further activities in that behalf.

The decision of any two members of such board shall be final, and the department against which such decision shall be shall cease all activities not in conformity with such decision, and the other department shall proceed to carry on the work in conformity therewith.