§19-10B-5. Records of transactions; inspection by commissioner.

Every licensed livestock dealer shall make and retain for at least two years written livestock sales records in the form and manner prescribed by the commissioner, including, but not limited to, records indicating the identification numbers or letters, sex, brand and approximate weight of all livestock bought, sold, received, exchanged or otherwise transferred, and the names and addresses of all owners, sellers, consignors or buyers with whom he has in any manner exchanged livestock, with the date of such exchanges.

If the commissioner has reasonable cause to believe any livestock in this state are diseased in a manner such as to constitute a health hazard to other livestock, wherever located, he may request in writing the livestock sales records of any livestock dealer in the state for the purpose of tracing or discovering the diseased livestock, the source of the disease, and all other livestock which may be affected by the disease. A livestock dealer shall comply with such request within twenty-four hours.

The commissioner shall have the authority to enter premises and buildings occupied by a livestock dealer at any reasonable time in order to examine books and records maintained by the livestock dealer.

The commissioner may require livestock dealers to file in such form as he may prescribe, regular or special reports, or answers in regard to specific questions, for the purpose of providing information concerning livestock movement and animal disease control.

Bill History For §19-10B-5

1985 Regular Session
Senate Bill 344