§19-11-5. Licenses.

(a) Licenses shall be issued by the commissioner to certified testers, certified weighers and samplers and to laboratories performing tests for the components of milk. Licenses are not transferable.

(b) Licenses shall expire on June 30 following date of issue: Provided, That weighers and samplers licenses issued with an expiration date of December 31, 1991, shall be extended, at no additional fee, through June 30, 1992. Applications for all licenses shall be made on forms supplied by the commissioner and shall provide such information as may be considered reasonably necessary by the commissioner for the administration of this article. Licenses shall be applied for at least fifteen days previous to the date when the current license expires or at least five days before the person intends to do business, except for persons who operate a laboratory for the testing of milk where the initial application shall be made at least thirty days before the person intends to do business to allow for on-site inspection prior to issuing the license. The application for licenses shall be accompanied by a fee of $10. A penalty of $2 shall be added to all licenses that are not applied for or renewed within this time limit.

(c) A "milk laboratory license" shall be issued to each laboratory where a licensed milk tester performs analytical operations. The license shall not be issued until the commissioner is satisfied that the tests made in such laboratory shall be conducted by qualified persons, with adequate facilities and that such tests shall be performed accurately and according to methods approved by the commissioner.

(d) A "milk tester license" shall be issued to persons who determine the weight, measure or components of milk for the purpose of establishing a purchase price for such milk. The license will cover the performance of each test used to determine the purchase price as listed on the person's certificate of proficiency. No test method may be used under provisions of this license until the person has obtained a certificate of proficiency for that test.

(e) A "milk weighers and samplers license" shall be issued to persons who weigh or sample milk for the purpose of establishing a purchase price for such milk and who are not involved in testing the components of milk.

(f) Licenses shall be posted prominently at the person's place of business.

Bill History For §19-11-5

1991 Regular Session
Senate Bill 381
1975 Regular Session
House Bill 967