§19-12D-3. Definitions.

As used in this article:

(a) "Certificate" means a document issued by the commissioner indicating a regulated article is free of noxious weeds.

(b) "Commissioner" means the commissioner of agriculture of the State of West Virginia and his duly authorized representatives.

(c) "Infested" means the establishment of a noxious weed or exposure to such weed in a way creating reasonable certainty that establishment will occur.

(d) "Move" means to ship, offer for shipment, receive for transportation, carry, or otherwise transport, move or allow to be moved.

(e) "Noxious weed" means any living plant, or part thereof, declared by the commissioner, after public hearing, to be detrimental to crops, other desirable plants, waterways, livestock, land or other property, or to be injurious to public health or the economy.

(f) "Permit" means a document issued by the commissioner to provide for movement of regulated articles to restricted destinations for limited handling, utilization, processing, or for scientific purposes.

(g) "Person" means any individual or combination of individuals, partnership, corporation, company, society, association, firm, or other business entity and each officer, agent or employee thereof; the state and federal government and any department, agency, or subdivision thereof; or any other entity.

(h) "Quarantine" means a legal declaration by the commissioner specifying:

(1) The common and scientific name of the noxious weed.

(2) The articles to be regulated.

(3) The conditions governing movement.

(4) Exemptions.

(i) "Regulated article" means any article of any character which is transporting or which is capable of transporting any noxious weed.

(j) "Reasonable notification" means at least forty-eight hours.

Bill History For §19-12D-3

1976 Regular Session
House Bill 1279