§19-12D-7. Prohibited acts; permits; authority to stop sale or delivery.

(a) No person shall violate any provision of this law or any rule promulgated thereunder.

(b) No person shall move, transport, deliver, ship or offer for shipment into or within this state any noxious weed without first obtaining a permit from the commissioner and such permit shall be issued only after it has been determined that the noxious weed is generally present throughout the state or is for scientific purposes subject to prescribed safeguards: Provided, That the division shall take final action upon all completed permit applications within thirty days of receipt if the application is uncontested, or within ninety days if the application is contested.

(c) The commissioner, in order to prevent the introduction or dissemination of noxious weeds, is hereby authorized to stop delivery, stop sale, seize, destroy, treat, or order returned to the point of origin, at the owner’s expense, any noxious weed, article or substance, whatsoever, if it is being transported or moved within this state, or if it exists on any premises within the state, or if it is being brought into this state from any place outside thereof, if such is found by him or her to be infested with any noxious weed subject to this article.

Bill History For §19-12D-7

1976 Regular Session
House Bill 1279