§19-12F-9. Cooperative enforcement agreements.

(a) The provisions of article related to retail sales shall be enforced by the commissioner with the assistance of the Alcohol Beverage Control Administration Commissioner.

(b) Pursuant to the labeling requirements under section 9a of this article, the commissioner and the Alcohol Beverage Control Administration Commissioner shall enter into a memorandum or memoranda of understanding to facilitate enforcement of this article.

(c) Procedure for contested cases. Any person or entity seeking to contest an administrative action of the commissioner under this article shall bring such contestation in writing within 14 days under the provisions of the Administrative Procedures Act set forth in §29A-5-1 et seq. of this code in administrative proceedings held by or before the commissioner, or his or her designee.

(d) In addition to any other memoranda, the commissioner, Commissioner of the Alcohol Beverage Control Administration, and the Tax Commissioner may enter into, they shall agree by memorandum to the following:

(1) To assist each other in enforcement of this article;

(2) To assist each other in training and cooperating with State and local law enforcement to develop a state-wide plan for implementing the provisions of this article;

(3) To confer among themselves and law enforcement about enforcement of this article on a monthly basis; and

(4) To jointly compile a report to be submitted to the Joint Committee on Government and Finance on or before January 1, 2025, as to actions undertaken to enforce this article and the results thereof.