§19-13-5. Right of entry; apiary inspections; quarantines.

(a) During reasonable working hours, the commissioner may enter upon any premises to access any apiary for the purpose of inspecting or sampling. No person shall obstruct or hinder the commissioner in the discharge of his or her duties.

(b) The commissioner shall inspect, as practicable, all colonies of honey bees domiciled within the State of West Virginia. If any honey bee pest is found in the apiary, the commissioner shall immediately notify, in writing, the owner or operator stating the type of honey bee pest and whether it may be successfully treated or not.

In cases where the honey bee pest is subject to treatment, the commissioner shall specify and direct the necessary treatment, which will be administered by the owner or operator, within fourteen days of the date of notice. If not treated, the colonies contained in the apiary in which the honey bee pests are found shall be depopulated without remuneration to the owner. All bee hives and related bee equipment found in any diseased apiary shall be destroyed, sterilized or treated in a manner approved by and under the direction of the commissioner.

(c) All apiaries producing queens, packaged bees or nuclei colonies for distribution shall be inspected each year. If honey bee pests are found in the apiary, the commissioner shall immediately notify, in writing, the owner or operator, and thereafter it shall be unlawful for the owner or operator to ship, sell or give away any queen bees, appliances, packaged bees, full colonies or nuclei colonies from the apiary until the honey bee pests have been controlled to the satisfaction of the commissioner.

(d) The commissioner shall quarantine all apiaries, bees, bee equipment, bee products, appliances and premises infected by honey bee pests. The notice of quarantine shall specify the name of the honey bee pest, the premises or apiary quarantined, bee equipment, bee products and appliances regulated and all conditions governing movement. The commissioner may adopt other orders to prevent the introduction of or to contain the spread of honey bee pests that are capable of being transported by bees, appliances or bee equipment. The order shall set forth the conditions governing the movement of the regulated items.

The commissioner shall rescind, in writing, quarantines and other orders when he or she determines the need no longer exists.

Bill History For §19-13-5

1991 Regular Session
House Bill 2293