§19-16A-2. Declaration of purpose; legislative finding.

The purpose of this article is to regulate and control pesticides in the public interest, by their registration, use and application. The Legislature finds that pesticides perform a vital function in modern society because they control insects, fungi, nematodes, rodents and other pests which ravage and destroy our food and fiber, which serve as vectors of disease, and which otherwise constitute a nuisance in the environment or the home; they control weeds which compete in the production of foods and fiber, disrupt the supply of energy, render highways unsafe and which otherwise are unwanted elements in our environment; and they regulate plant growth to enhance both the quality and quantity of our food and fiber and to facilitate its harvest. Pesticides, however, may be rendered ineffective, may cause injury to man or may cause unreasonable, adverse effects on the environment if not properly used. They may injure man or animals either by direct poisoning or by the gradual accumulation of pesticide residues in their tissues. Crops or other plants may be affected by their improper use. The misapplication, the drifting or washing of pesticides into streams or lakes may cause appreciable damage to aquatic life. A pesticide applied for the purpose of killing pests in a crop, which is not itself injured by the pesticide, may drift and injure other crops or nontarget organisms with which it comes in contact. Therefore, it is deemed necessary to provide for the control of pesticides.

Nothing in this article shall be construed as permitting municipalities or counties to enact laws or ordinances regarding pesticide control.

§19-16A-2. Declaration of purpose; legislative finding.

Bill History For §19-16A-2

1990 Regular Session
Senate Bill 419
1961 Regular Session
House Bill 232