§19-16A-25. Right of commissioner to enter and inspect; enforcement of article.

(a) For the purpose of carrying out the provisions of this article, the commissioner may enter upon any public or private premises, other than a dwelling house and the curtilage thereof, at reasonable times, after reasonable notification to the owner, tenant or agent, in order to:

(1) Have access for the purpose of inspecting any equipment subject to this article and such premises on which such equipment is kept or stored;

(2) Inspect lands actually or reported to be exposed to pesticides;

(3) Inspect storage or disposal areas;

(4) Inspect or investigate complaints of injury to humans or land; or

(5) Sample pesticides being applied or to be applied.

(b) If the commissioner is denied access to any land where such access was sought for the purpose set forth in this article, he or she may apply to any court of competent jurisdiction for a search warrant authorizing access to such land for said purposes. The court may, upon such application, issue the search warrant for the purposes requested.

(c) The commissioner, with or without the aid and advice of the county prosecuting attorney, is charged with the duty of enforcing the requirements of this article and any rules issued hereunder. In the event a county prosecuting attorney refuses to act on behalf of the commissioner, the Attorney General shall so act.

(d) The commissioner may bring an action to enjoin the violation or threatened violation of any provisions of this article or any rule made pursuant to this article in a court of competent jurisdiction of the county in which such violation occurs or is about to occur.

Bill History For §19-16A-25

1990 Regular Session
Senate Bill 419