§19-16A-8. Financial security requirement for licensed pesticide business.

(a) The commissioner may not issue a pesticide application business license until the business has furnished evidence of financial security with the commissioner consisting of either:

(1) A surety bond to the benefit of the State of West Virginia; or

(2) A liability insurance policy from a person authorized to do business within this state or a certificate thereof protecting persons who may suffer legal damages as a result of the operation of licensee's business operation.

(b)(1) The commissioner, taking into consideration the different classifications or categories of pesticide application business licenses, shall establish the amount and kind of financial security for property damage and public liability and including loss of damage arising out of the actual use of any pesticide for each classification of license required. The financial security shall be maintained at not less than that sum at all times during the licensed period. The commissioner shall be notified forty-five days prior to any reduction at the request of the applicant or cancellation of such surety bond or liability insurance by the surety or insurer. The total and aggregate liability of the surety or insurer for all claims is limited to the face of the bond or liability insurance policy. The commissioner may accept a liability insurance policy or surety bond in the proper sum which has a deductible clause in the amount not exceeding that which the commissioner shall establish separately for aerial applicators and for other commercial applicators for the total amount of financial security required herein. If the applicant has not satisfied the requirement of the deductible amount in any prior legal claim, the deductible clause may not be accepted by the commissioner unless the applicant furnishes the commissioner with a surety bond or liability insurance which satisfies the amount of the deductible as to all claims that may arise in his or her application of pesticides.

(2) If the surety furnished becomes unsatisfactory, the applicant shall, upon notice, immediately establish new evidence of financial security and if he or she fails to do so, it is unlawful thereafter for such person to engage in said business of applying pesticides until the financial security is brought into compliance with the requirements as established by the commissioner and the person's license is reinstated.

(c) Nothing in this article may be construed to relieve any person from liability for any damage to the person or lands of another caused by the use of pesticides even though the use conforms to the rules of the commissioner.

§19-16A-8. Financial security requirement for licensed pesticide business.

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1990 Regular Session
Senate Bill 419
1961 Regular Session
House Bill 232