§19-21-12. Board of appraisers.

After the board of supervisors has adopted the plan for reclamation the secretary of such board shall file a certified copy of same, together with a copy of the order of such board approving "the plan for reclamation," with the clerk of the circuit court in which the district was organized. The court shall then in term time, or the judge in vacation, by an order, appoint a board of three appraisers who are in no way interested in such proceedings, for the purpose of assessing benefits and damages that may result from the making of the improvements described and set forth in "the plan for reclamation" approved by the board of supervisors. The secretary of the board of supervisors shall transmit to such board of appraisers a certified copy of the petition and of "the plan for reclamation," which has been approved by the board of supervisors. The members of the board of appraisers, at a meeting to be held within ten days after their appointment, shall each take and subscribe to an oath before the clerk of the court that they will faithfully and impartially discharge their duties and make a true report of the work done by them. If any person appointed as an appraiser fails to take the oath within the prescribed time, he shall be deemed as having declined the appointment and the court or judge shall make further appointment either in term time or vacation. They shall at the same meeting organize by electing one of their number as chairman. A majority of said board of appraisers shall constitute a quorum and shall control the action of the board on all questions. The secretary of the board of supervisors shall furnish to the board of appraisers a complete list of lands and corporate and other property described in the petition.