§19-21-25. Powers of board of supervisors to drain, protect and reclaim land.

In order to effect the drainage, protection and reclamation of the land and other property in the district subject to tax, the board of supervisors is authorized and empowered to straighten, widen, change the course and line of any drain in or out of such district; to fill up any creek, drain, channel, river, watercourse or natural stream; to divert or divide the flow of water in or out of such district; to construct and maintain sewers, drains, dikes, dams, sluices, revertments, drainage ditches, pumping stations, syphons, and any other works and improvements deemed necessary to preserve and maintain the works in or out of such district; to construct roadways over embankments; to construct any and all such works and improvements across, through or over any public highway, railroad, right-of-way, track, grade, fill or cut in or out of such district; to remove any fence, building or other improvements in or out of such district; and shall have the right to hold, control and acquire by donation or purchase, and, if need be, condemn, any land, easement, railroad or other right-of-way, sluice, or franchise in or out of such district for right-of-way, or for any of the purposes herein provided, or for the material to be used in constructing and maintaining such works and improvements for draining, protecting and reclaiming the lands in such district. Such board shall also have the right to condemn, for the use of the district, any land or property within or without such district not acquired or condemned by the court on the report of the appraisers assessing benefits and damages, and shall follow the procedure that is now provided by law for the appropriation of land or other property taken for telegraph, telephone and railroad rights-of-way.